Jennifer’s goal as a photographer is to make images that converge the two elements of fine art and commercial influences. Using her camera, she fights to express creativity combined with an idea that was influenced by a client. Over the course of Jennifer’s studies in Fine Art at The Pennsylvania State University, she has gained appreciation for great painters while learning success in their compositions and techniques. The wide array of artists that she has examined over the past four years has urged her to keep a touch of fine art in everything that she does. As almost anyone can take a decent photograph, Jennifer stands apart from the rest by having the ability to take an image of a subject, create a conceptual idea around that subject and add traditional artistic aspects to complete a compelling composition that flatters the subject.

            Jennifer is open to freelance opportunities in the New York City and Greater Philadelphia  areas. Jennifer specializes in weddings, portraiture and is interested in working in the fields of commercial and travel photography. She is eager to explore the world and live in different environments throughout the course of her career.


For more information please contact Jennifer by email at jennnagel@gmail.com