A Week in Central Europe

First and Foremost...

So many thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help planning our trip to Budapest, Vienna and Prague! It was a blast. We took every recommendation to heart and because of your help - our trip was practically flawless! I am FINALLY starting a blog. I figure I can share some of the photos as a way of thanks. My writing skills are sub-par and I am not writing much - but hey look cool photos! 

Now to the good stuff...


Budapest is the city of my dreams. Once we arrived in the city center, I knew this place was like no other. Budapest felt large to me, however it was fairly easy to walk everywhere.  It was peculiar in a Wes Anderson kinda way, creepy and intriguing. It was the kind of place that pulled you in and made you want to explore more and more. This town is full of color, art, design... it is a photographer's dream. Because of it's location in Central Europe it seems to be a destination for the more adventurous tourists, not overrun by tacky souvenir shops or crappy restaurants (however the food left something to be desired...). Budapest is known for the famous Turkish Baths (photo available on instagram @jenn_nagel), caving under the city and its metro (the oldest in Europe). It became known to me as a place for cheap beers, amazing views and fabulous nightlife. The touristy stuff was cool too. The weather was absolutely perfect! An enjoyable 75-85 degrees the entire stay. 

3 things to do if you're ever in Budapest:
Szimpla Ruin Bar
Ride the metro

3 things to bring if you're ever traveling to Budapest:
Old shoes
Bathing Suit



Austria in general is known to be incredibly beautiful. Our trip to Vienna was entirely too short to do it any justice. Vienna is a bike-friendly city like many of the cities in Europe. Their bike routes are comparable to the autobahn, everyone knows where they are going and moves very fast - except for tourists like us. The first day we biked out to the Schoenbrunn Palace, which had incredible gardens, statues and a beautiful view.  Our second day was spent in the city center, dodging the tourists that were visiting for the Eurovision song contest and seeing as many of the sites as possible. Unfortunately it was raining and a bit cold during our stay in Vienna. This seems like an awesome city to visit in the middle of the summer season.

3 Things to to if you're ever in Vienna:
Rent a bike
Schoenbrunn Palace
Eat chocolate

3 Things to bring if you're ever traveling to Vienna:
Rain Coat
Fleece Jacket



The last leg of our trip started with a train ride through the Czech Republic into the city of Prague. The views from the train were breathtaking. Czech Republic has a beautiful green countryside with little villages hiding in the landscape. It's completely different than what we are used to in America - they have so much more space and nature. We arrived in the city and checked into one of the most lively hostels in Prague - the Czech Inn. The next few days consisted of much more site seeing, new friends, old friends, absinthe tasting, beer gardens (photo @jenn_nagel on instagram) and nightlife. This city loves to party and it was a great way to end the trip.

3 Things to to if you're ever in Prague:
Letna Beer Garden
Lennon Wall
Prague Castle

3 Things to bring if you're ever traveling to Prague:
A pocket guide - http://shop.lonelyplanet.com/czech-republic/pocket-prague-4/


Again, THANK YOU ALL for your help in planning this adventure. Feel free to contact me for more detailed suggestions for these cities!



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